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Tours for Students

For student groups we can generally offer the same tours as for adults. You can check following lists and get linked to the chosen tour. Additional to that we can arrange special excursions, lectures and visits for school groups focused on different topics. For these check our Themed School Excursions.

Bus needed
Grand City Walk4 hoursNo
Gardens of Prague4 hoursNo
Grévin MuseumNo
Wine Tasting2 hoursNo
In The Footsteps of Vaclav Havel3 hoursNo
Christmas & Advent in Prague3.5 hoursNo

Bus needed
1 Hour Boat Trip2 hoursNo
Boat Trip with Dinner or Lunch3 hoursNo

Bus needed
Beer Tour5 hoursNo
Dinner & Water Show4 hoursNo
Folklore Evening4 hoursDepends on location
Culture Evening4.5 hoursNo
Medieval Evening3 hoursNo

Bus needed
Pub Crawl2.5 hoursNo
Underground with Lamplight1 hourNo
The Prague Underground Tour1 hourNo
Ghosts and Legends of The Old Town75 minutesNo

Bus needed
City & Brewery Tour in Pilsen8 hoursYes
Brewery Kozel in Velke Popovice4 hoursYes
Brewery Krusovice4 hoursYes
Staropramen Prague Brewery Visit2 hoursNo

Bus needed
Bike Classic City Tour2.5 hoursNo
Bike Panoramic & Prague Castle Tour2.5 hoursNo
Bike Prague All-in-One Tour6.5 hoursNo
Bike Evening Tour: Legends of Prague2.5 hoursNo
Bike River & Troja Chateau Tour3.5 hoursNo
Bike Beer Garden & Prague Parks Tour3.5 hoursNo
Electric Bike City Tour3.5 hoursNo
Beer Bike Tour1.5 hoursNo
Spider Team Bike Old Prague Tour25 minutesNo
Spider Team Bike Classic City Tour45 minutesNo

Bus needed
Cesky Krumlov10 hoursYes
Karlovy Vary9.5 hoursYes
Karlstejn Castle5 hoursYes
Karlstejn & Glasswork Nizbor7 hoursYes
Karlstejn & Koneprusy Caves8 hoursYes
Koneprusy Caves5 hoursYes
Konopiste Castle5 hoursYes
Kutna Hora7 hoursYes
Lidice Memorial4 hoursYes
Medieval Evening Detenice6 hoursYes
Skoda Car Museum & Factory6 hoursYes
Terezin5 hoursYes
Terezin & Lidice Memorial7.5 hoursYes
Vojna Communist Prison & Labor Camp6 hoursYes

Bus needed
Kindergarten Visit3 hoursDepends on location
Modry Klic3 hoursDepends on location
School Visit3 hoursDepends on location
Centre for Drug Addicted People3 hoursDepends on location
Senior Home3 hoursDepends on location
Children Home3 hoursDepends on location
Hospital Visit3 hoursWithin public transport

Bus needed
Hydroelectric Power Plant Stechovice3.5 hoursYes
Hydroelectric Power Plant Slapy3.5 hoursYes
Coal-fired Power Plant Melnik3 hoursYes
Nuclear Power Plant Temelin6-7 hoursYes
Old Waste Water Treatment Plant2 hoursWithin public transport
Waterworks Podolska2 hoursWithin public transport
Techmania Science Centre in Pilsen5-8 hoursYes

Bus needed
Barrandov Film Studios3 hoursWithin public transport
Architecture in Prague4 hoursNo
Art Nouveau and Cubism4 hoursNo
Modern Architecture4 hoursNo

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