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Brewery Tours

There is no need to introduce Czech beer, is it? In country, where there are nowadays almost 200 breweries, some with long and well known history, while some others recently born with passion for new tastes, the possibilities for tourists are nearly unlimited. Even for the experienced ones. Codan Agentura offers few touches with the “Czech gold” here and there to get a slight idea of this country treasure.


Bus needed
City & Brewery Tour in Pilsen8 hoursYes
Brewery Kozel in Velke Popovice4 hoursYes
Brewery Krusovice4 hoursYes
Staropramen Prague Brewery Visit2 hoursNo

Pilsen, famous for the Pilsner Urquell beer, has a lot to offer; the brewery with a local restaurant, an enormous synagogue, the underground tunnels and a big cathedral.

Bus needed: yes
Duration: 8 hours
Included: Entrance fee to Plzen brewery and Beer Museum


The first written records about beer brewing here are associated with the very foundation of the town of Plzen. We will visit the biggest brewery in the country and see how the famous Pilsner Urquell is brewed. Afterwards we enjoy a typical Czech lunch in a local restaurant. It is also possible to visit the second largest synagogue in Europe or the St. Bartholomew’s Gothic Cathedral from the 13th century with the highest tower in the Czech Republic (102.26m). Very interesting is also the 20 km long historical underground, which belongs to the longest in Central Europe (750 m is open for public). All the points of interest can be explored in one day.

Get familiar with the brewing process.

Bus needed: yes
Duration: 4 hours
Included: Entrance fee to Kozel Brewery


Come and see the Kozel Brewery that is located in Velke Popovice, only 25 km southeast of Prague. The tour will help you get acquainted with the history and the current life of the famous brewery and get familiar with the brewing process. You will visit the historical and the current brew house, the cellars where the beer ferments and matures and you will get amazed in the bottle and keg packaging hall where fully automated lines produce around 40000 beer bottles an hour. You will also learn about the rich history of the brewery and the role and family of the brewery’s founder Baron Frantisek Ringhoffer. One small beer is included in the tour.

Visit one of the oldest brewery in Czech Republic.

Bus needed: yes
Duration: 4 hours
Included: Entrance fee to Krusovice Brewery, beer tasting and souvenir


The Royal Brewery of Krusovice is  one of the oldest breweries in the Czech Republic. The brewery was established in 1517 by Jiri Birka. Krušovice is the only Czech beer brand that was  owned by the Czech crown. Rudolph II, the Roman emperor and Czech king, acquired the brewery in 1583, and it remained in royal possession for a century. Its location in the world famous Saaz hop-growing region and next to the beautiful Křivoklát forests is the best address where to brew high-quality Czech beer. Only the finest ingredients, i.e. aromatic Saaz hops, the excellent water from the nearby Křivoklát forests and premium barley, are used in the brewing process.

Multimedia show in a worldwide famous brewery.

Bus needed: no
Duration: 2 hours
Included: Entrance fee to Staropramen audio – visual visitor centre

Staropramen brewery

Staropramen is a worldwide famous brewery. The brewery itself is located in Prague. In the past the visits used to be possible right into the brewing production. However, from 2011 the production is closed for visitors. Instead, Staropramen has created a magical audio-visual show that will tell you all about the history and presence of the  brewery in an interactive way. The tour is located in the original Brewery, so you can still see part of the original beer house. The multimedia show will guide through the brewery and will let you “look into” many different parts of the brewing process. The tour ends in a cosy bar, where you can taste the Staropramen beer. You can also ask the friendly staff questions connected to the brewing.

Photos: (Pilsen)

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