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Traditional Czech Restaurants

Czech food has its own, one would say rich enough, spirit. “Svíčková” (Beef in sour cream sauce), “Vepřo, knedlo, zelo” (Pork with dumplings and cabbage), “Kulajda” (Traditional mushroom soup), “Kachna s červeným zelím” (Roast duck with red cabbage), “Štrůdl” (Apple strudel) and other Bohemian or Central Europe specialties are filling and tasty meals that will not disappoint any hungry tourist. Of course, global influence is everywhere and Czech cuisine slowly evolves – for even better. So if sort mentioned above is not for you, what about Braised beef jowls in a strong gravy, Moist duck breast prepared SOUS VIDE or Confit of lamb shoulder?

Below you can find list of typical Czech restaurants that we recommend for groups. They are located mostly in the city centre and therefore we provide you with more detailed location. The price is based on 3-course menu for groups of 15 people and more. To see descriptions, menu offer and pictures of the restaurants, please click on the names. To get a general overview about locations, please check our MAP1. You can also find here few restaurants in other attractive places of our country we recommend for groups – see MAP2.

We can arrange lunch or dinner for groups. Please, if you are looking for prices of selected menu from the restaurant description or need any other info, do not hesitate to contact us.


Czech Cuisine
Art Restaurant MánesPrague 1 - New Town15.5 €
BlatnicePrague 1 - Old Town9.5 €
Folklore GardenPrague 526 €Folklore evening
HyberniaPrague 1 - New Town11.5 €
Kamenný stůlPrague 1 - Old Town15 €
Klášterní PivovarPrague 1 - The Castle11.5 €
KredencPrague 3 - Žižkov12 €
Malostranská BesedaPrague 1 - Lesser Town12 €
MichalPrague 1 - Old Town9 €Folklore evening
MincovnaPrague 1 - Old Town20 €
Novoměstský PivovarPrague 1 - New Town12.5 €Brewery
Obecní Dům - Plzeňská RestauracePrague 1 - Old Town19.5 €
Potrefená Husa - HybernskáPrague 1 - New Town14 €
Potrefená Husa - PlatnéřskáPrague 1 - Old Town11 €
Rebel WingsPrague 1 - New Town11 €
Repre RestaurantPrague 1 - Old Town7.5 €
Švejk Restaurant U KarlaPrague 1 - New Town12.5 €
T-Anker Sun TerracePrague 1 - Old Town13.5 €
Tři stoletíPrague 1 - Lesser Town11 €
U Dvou PánůPrague 1 - Old Town16.5 €
U FlekůPrague 1 - New Town13 €
U LabutíPrague 1 - The Castle11 €
U MarčanůPrague 626.5 €Folklore evening
U Matěje KotrbyPrague 1 - New Town11.5 €
U MedvídkůPrague 1 - New Town11.5 €
U PavoukaPrague 1 - Old Town39 €Medieval evening
U Svatého Jana NepomuckéhoPrague 1 - The Castle12 €
U Tří růžíPrague 1 - Old Town17.5 €Brewery
VýtopnaPrague 1 - New Town17 €Railway paradise
Výtopna PalladiumPrague 1 - New Town17 €Railway paradise
Šatlava TavernČeský Krumlov9.5 €
Bellevue KarlštejnKarlštejn7.5 €
Koruna KarlštejnKarlštejn10 €
Dačický Kutná HoraKutná Hora10.5 €
Lidická GalerieLidice9 €
Grandhotel Salva RestaurantLitoměřice11 €
Zamecký Restaurant in Mělník CastleMělník9 €
Cafe Restaurant Václav in ŠkodaMladá Boleslav - Škoda9 €
Na SpilcePilsen10 €
Parkhotel Terezín RestaurantTerezín8 €
Velkopopovická KozlovnaVelké Popovice10.5 €



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