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Gala Dinner Venues

We have carefully chosen several venues in Prague which are perfect for the most demanding gala dinners and receptions. This selection represents different kinds of venues: castles, palaces, monasteries, museums, national houses and modern multifunctional buildings.


We are able to arrange your event in any size from several persons up to several thousands, so do not hesitate to contact us if planning something special for your business partners, employees, association members, or congress participants.

To get a general overview about locations, please check our MAP.

In the following list you might briefly compare number of halls and capacity for banquet and reception setup in the largest hall. To get a quick overview of options for your event, check our short descriptions and brief info about capacities.

Gala Dinner Venues
Boccaccio BallroomOld Town1110110
Břevnov MonasteryPrague 67120300
Forum KarlínPrague 8112002000
Grévin MuseumOld Town272300
Industrial PalacePrague 7324003700
Kaiserstein PalaceLittle Quarter8180200
Lobkowicz PalacePrague Castle11180350
Malostranský PalaceLittle Quarter2160300
Martinic PalacePrague Castle3120300
Municipal HouseOld Town19460700
National House VinohradyPrague 23400700
Slovanský DůmOld Town25601000
Spanish HallPrague Castle2550600
Velkopřevorský PalaceLittle Quarter4100250
Žofín PalaceOld Town4800900

Králodvorská 4, 110 00 Prague 1 – Old Town

Location: historical centre
Number of halls: 1
Maximum capacity: banquet 110 pax / reception 110 pax
Capacity of the largest hall: banquet 110 pax / reception 110 pax


The splendid 20th century neo-Baroque Boccaccio Ballroom is the meeting place for hosting exclusive events for up to 140 people. The Boccaccio Ballroom has been restored to all its 1925 splendour as well as the magnificent original parquet floor, beneath a handmade gold leafed glass chandelier with 4,000 parts. Seminars, conferences, exhibitions, cocktail parties, receptions, private lunches or dinners in an elegant setting can be arranged. Since Ballroom is located in the basement of the Grand Hotel Bohemia, it does not offer daylight. The capacity of the Boccaccio Ballroom for banquet is 110 people.

Markétská, 169 00 Prague 6

Location: outside centre
Number of halls: 7
Maximum capacity: banquet 360 pax / reception 300 pax
Capacity of the largest hall: banquet 120 pax / reception 300 pax


The Břevnov Monastery, founded by St. Vojtech and Duke Boleslav II in 993, is the oldest monastery in the Czech lands. Its representative rooms can be used for all types of social and corporate events such as conferences, seminars, gala dinners, presentations, concerts, weddings and private celebrations.
The interiors have preserved a number of baroque and classicism style halls, including the notable Teresian Hall with its magnificent ceiling frescos. Combined with the adjacent Abbey Dining Room, Pompeii Room and Reception Room it offers a wide selection of catering options. In contrast to the baroque adornment of the representative buildings upper floor, the gothic rooms on the ground floor are calming. It is here that you will best be able to revisit times long past as you host your banquet. The monastery is 20 minutes away from the centre by public transport.

Pernerova 652/55, 186 00 Prague 8 – Karlín

Location: near centre
Number of halls: 1
Maximum capacity: banquet 1.200 pax / reception 2.000 pax
Capacity of the largest hall: banquet 1.200 pax / reception 2.000 pax


Forum Karlin is a new modern multifunctional event hall situated in Prague 8, Karlin. It is only 10 minutes by public transport from the centre. It features excellent acoustics, load-bearing ceiling, wooden floor, galleries, cloakroom for guests, and sufficient number of sanitary facilities, and an easy access to all floors, numerous changing rooms and catering background. It goes without saying that there is a sufficient electricity input, data network and powerful air conditioning. The event hall also offers basic AV technique, inventory and other technical equipment for events.

Celetná 15, 110 00 Prague 1 – Old Town

Location: historical centre
Number of halls: 2
Maximum capacity: banquet 120 pax / reception 450 pax
Capacity of the largest hall: banquet 72 pax / reception 300 pax


Grévin Praha is the only themed venue in Prague; size over 3000 m2 of exhibition and event space together with its very central location in the historical city center of Prague make Grévin Praha a superb venue for social events of all kinds. Events at Grévin Praha are entertaining, glamorous and truly unforgettable.
Grand Ball Room is the heart of Grévin, and this is the place where you meet international celebrities. Take a photo with Marilyn Monroe or with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, have a glass of wine with George Clooney or sing a song with Michael Jackson. Grand Ball Room is a superb space for organizing icebreaker cocktail party, seated award dinner or celebration of any kind. Up-to-date in-built lightning system creates glamorous atmosphere and the DJ can play songs of your taste.

Výstaviště Praha Holešovice, 170 00 Prague 7

Location: near centre
Number of halls: 3
Maximum capacity: banquet 5.600 pax / reception 8.600 pax
Capacity of the largest hall: banquet 2.400 pax / reception 3.700 pax


The Prague Exhibition Grounds (Pražské výstaviště) is situated in the northern part of the capital, in the area of the picturesque Troja basin. It occupies the eastern margin of the former Stromovka royal deer park, created already in the 14th century.
The Exhibition Grounds was built for the General Land Centennial Exhibition held in Prague in 1891, which was a great social and cultural event. It served for exhibitions of various natures, but it also became a centre of entertainment, culture and free time. The total surface area of the Exhibition Grounds is 36 hectares.
The Industrial Palace (Průmyslový Palác) is the art-nouveau building built in 1891 according to the design of Bedrich Munzberger, which is the dominant of the whole Exhibition Grounds. The Palace is the largest building on the grounds. It is 238 meters long and its central tower reaches the height of 51 meters. Both of its wings are traditionally used as exhibition halls, nevertheless, they are also suitable for cultural events, e.g. balls, concerts, fashion shows, ceremonial dinners, etc.

Malostranské nám., 118 00 Praha 1 – Malá Strana

Location: historical centre
Number of halls: 8
Maximum capacity: banquet 300 pax / reception 400 pax
Capacity of the largest hall: banquet 180 pax / reception 200 pax


Your business meetings, gala receptions, and conferences can gain a new dimension at Kaisersteinský palác, a UNESCO heritage site, located in the Prague Lesser Town. This Lesser Town palace originated from two joined houses both dating as the early 15th century and its Gothic cellars have been preserved to the present. From the 1907 the palace was in the possession of Ema Destinova, the world-known opera and concert soprano singer and a partner of Enrico Caruso. In the early 80′s of the 20th century the palace was reconstructed and the original arcading being renewed at the same time. The interiors of the building were simultaneously adapted to serve the representative purposes of the Chamber of Commerce.
Kaiserstein Palace has a variety of halls and function rooms available to meet all social event requirements in a refined style. Whether you are planning a conference, wedding, gala dinner or party, both floors of the Kaiserstein palace are at your service.

Jiřská 3/1, 119 00 Prague 1 – Prague Castle

Location: historical centre
Number of halls: 11
Maximum capacity: banquet 300 pax / reception 600 pax
Capacity of the largest hall: banquet 180 pax / reception 350 pax


Originally the Pernštejn Palace, it was built in the mid-16th century by Czech nobleman Jaroslav of Pernštejn. It was to this Palace that the Spanish-born wife of his brother Vratislav, Chancellor of the Czech Kingdom, brought the celebrated Infant Jesus of Prague, renowned for its miraculous healing powers. Situated in one of the most magnificent architectural complexes in Europe, at Prague Castle, a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Lobkowicz Palace presents unique opportunity for extraordinary events in this outstanding location.
All 11 rooms on the 1st floor, including the Concert Hall, Family Chapel and the Balcony Room with a terrace featuring panoramic views of Prague, may be rented for social events, conferences, seminars, weddings or private concerts. We will be pleased to arrange all necessary details, including accompanying programs or entertainment, as well as complete catering services.

Malostranské náměstí 25, 118 00 Prague 1 – Malá Strana

Location: historical centre
Number of halls: 2
Maximum capacity: banquet 180 pax / reception 330 pax
Capacity of the largest hall: banquet 160 pax / reception 300 pax


The Palace is a multi-functional space that is ideally located in Prague’s Little Quarter. The late Baroque style of the refectory and small saloon make an ideal setting for all special events or occasions. The small saloon is particularly well suited for corporate meetings due to its shape and intimate nature. The dominant feature in the refectory is the striking pipe-organ, which is available for recitals during events or otherwise provides an almost heavenly atmospheric backdrop.
After the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic in 1918, the basement of the building was used to house the golden treasures of the new state. In 2006, a costly renovation of Malostranský Palác was completed, and the reconstructed refectory is once again adorned with splendid walls and ceiling frescoes.
A late Baroque assembly hall is fully adapted for various types of events, such as conferences, receptions and banquets. For seminars or workshops it is ideal to use the smaller adjacent lounge.

Hradčanské nám., 118 00 Prague 1 – Prague Castle

Location: historical centre
Number of halls: 3
Maximum capacity: banquet 300 pax / reception 1.000 pax
Capacity of the largest hall: banquet 120 pax / reception 300 pax


Martinický Palác is a renaissance palace dating back to the 16th century with original graffito decorations on the walls, representing scenes from the Old Testament. The Martinic Palace is at the corner of the Hradčany Square at the Prague Castle area.
The Main Hall is located on the first floor, being easily accessible from two staircases. The Main Hall offers an ideal room for most festive events such as weddings, caterings, conferences etc. Equipped rooms to both sides of the Main Hall can serve as cloakrooms or places for catering. Both the Main Hall and a chapel with original fresco decorations and ceiling painting date back to the 17th century.
There are additional rooms of the total surface of about 1000 m2 to your disposal, all with historical painted timber ceilings, equipped with original furniture, decorations and armour.
Adjacent areas of the palace, a garden and a courtyard can be offered as well. Parking places are located within the area of the Palace. The garden is situated behind the Palace, being accessible from the street or from the central courtyard.

nám. Republiky 1090/5, 110 00 Prague 1 – Old Town

Location: historical centre
Number of halls: 19
Maximum capacity: banquet 800 pax / reception 1.500 pax
Capacity of the largest hall: banquet 460 pax / reception 700 pax


The Municipal House (Obecní Dům) is one of the most beautiful, remarkable and fantastic Art Noveau buildings in Prague. It is located on the central Republic Square, next to the unique Powder Tower which is a fragment of the old Gothic town fortification. The entire building was officially opened in 1912 and the monumental appearance of the building is crowned by the outstanding decor created by most of the prominent Czech artists of the day, namely the painters Mikolas Ales, Alfons Mucha, Karel Spillar, Max Svabinsky and Frantisek Zenisek.
The building houses an Art Noveau Café, French elegant restaurant, Czech Beer basement house and a cocktail bar. The most spectacular hall of the building is named after the famous Czech composer Smetana. It is a multipurpose space both for musical and conference events. The Smetana hall, The Riegr room, The Sladkovsky hall, The Gregr Debating Hall, The Mayor hall and the Palacky hall, make this house the ideal place for a large event, and all have been used for congresses, conferences, concerts, balls, gala dinners, receptions and fashion shows.

Náměstí Míru 820/9, 120 00 Prague 2 – Vinohrady

Location: near centre
Number of halls: 3
Maximum capacity: banquet 700 pax / reception 1.300 pax
Capacity of the largest hall: banquet 400 pax / reception 700 pax


The Neo-renaissance building on Namesti Miru is work of the architect A. Turek. The National House (Národní Dům) was opened in 1894 and it became the seat of many associations and corporations. The first reconstruction lasted till 1959. These days, the building is after a big interior reconstruction and reconstruction of the building facade was finished in 1999.
The halls and saloons of The National House of Vinohrady are suitable for arranging of congresses, seminars and work meetings, customer meetings, sales and contacting exhibitions, performances and concerts, balls and company parties, banquets and other social and cultural activities. Majakowski Hall is the most representative space of the National House of Vinohrady. The decoration contains also 18 busts of significant Czech personalities. Rais hall is the classic example of neo-renaissance interior. Social hall is a former winter garden with a glazed ceiling. There are small heads in the Art-Nouveau style besides other decorations.

Na příkopě, 110 00 Prague 1

Location: centre
Number of halls: 2
Maximum capacity: banquet 680 pax / reception 1.200 pax
Capacity of the largest hall: banquet 560 pax / reception 1.000 pax


Slovanský Dům is registered in the State list of cultural heritage as a Palace Vernierovský. Palace was joined from two medieval houses in the late 16th century. In 1697, John Bartholomew Baron de Vernier Rougemont, descendant of French knights, completed the monumental rebuilding of the palace, more likely according to Jean-Baptist Matheye.
After the expensive rebuilt under the project of Philip and Francis Heger the palace got a resemblance, which is maintained to this day. The building has been increased on the second floor and facade has been decorated with numerous Classicist elements. Nevertheless, some elements were retained from the original early Baroque palace architecture.
There are 2 representative ballrooms with the maximum total capacity over 1 000 pax (reception), ideal for gala dinners, gala evenings with program, receptions, parties, concerts, fashion shows, festivals, conferences etc. There are Big ballroom with gallery (330 + 230 pax in banquet style) and Small ballroom with gallery (120 pax in banquet style).

Pražský hrad, 119 08 Prague 1 – Prague Castle

Location: historical centre
Number of halls: 2
Maximum capacity: banquet 800 pax / reception 1.100 pax
Capacity of the largest hall: banquet 550 pax / reception 600 pax


Ever since its origin in the first years of the 17th century the Spanish Hall has been the most important stateroom of the New Palace of Prague Castle. The Emperor Rudolf II built it for his collections of art and curiosities. During the reigns of later sovereigns it was the principal hall of the court for banquets, balls and coronation festivities.
In the four hundred years of its history the Spanish Hall has been a witness of a number of diverse events. A Royal Banquets were held here in 1620 by Frederik of the Palatinate for the high nobility and commoners on the occasion of the christening of his son Ruprecht. A masked ball took place here, too, in 1680, in the style of a rural wedding, during the reign of the Emperor Leopold I. After the birth of the Czechoslovak Republic, in 1918, the Spanish Hall was the scene of large tea parties at which President Masaryk met with representatives of the broad spectrum of public life and banquets were held for participants in international congresses.
The relief decoration of both interiors is particularly elaborate. In the Spanish Hall it retains much of the original appearance given to it by the Italian artist whom Rudolf II employed at the Imperial court. Capacity of the Spanish Hall is 550 people in banquet and 600 people in reception style. It can be combined with Rothmayer Hall with total capacity 1.100 people in reception style.

Velkopřevorské náměstí 4, Prague 1 – Malá Strana

Location: historical centre
Number of halls: 4 (plus garden)
Maximum capacity: banquet 170 pax / reception 510 pax
Capacity of the largest hall: banquet 100 pax / reception 250 pax


Grand Prior’s Palace (Velkopřevorský palác), work of architect Bartolomeo Scotti, is one of many valuable high-Baroque palace buildings in historic centre of Prague. The Velkopřevorský Palace is located within the vicinity of Lesser Town Square (Malostranské náměstí), Charles Bridge and Kampa. The Palace was established more than eight centuries ago and it is the seat of the Grand Prior of Bohemia of the Sovereign Military and Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodos and of Malta (also known as the Knights of Malta).
The representative parts of the Palace are the “Piano Nobile”, the “Grand Prior’s chamber” and the “Main Knight’s Hall”. There are Baroque paintings from Czech, German and Italian masters looking down from the walls, and adding to the grandioso feel and atmosphere. As well as the historic Baroque interior which graces the Palace, there is also an astonishing enclosed private garden located in what previously was the old palace courtyard. This garden is ideal for a refreshing summer party to bask in the long days. Wedding celebrations are often hosted here as there is an adjacent church which performs catholic services.

Slovanský ostrov, 110 00 Prague 1

Location: centre
Number of halls: 4
Maximum capacity: banquet 1.100 pax / reception 1.400 pax
Capacity of the largest hall: banquet 800 pax / reception 900 pax


Palác Žofín on Slavonic Island was built in the 19th century in Neo-Renaissance style and it features richly decorated interiors and fine halls fitted with modern lighting, sound and projection technology, and air conditioning. It acquired its present appearance in 1886, and was restored in 1992-94. A traditional place where important social and cultural events are held. It provides an exclusive environment for concerts, balls, congresses, gala receptions and banquets, business events, and offers exquisite services. The building has 3 floors with 4 halls, restaurant, cafe, open-air terraces, music arbour and a garden restaurant. Žofín has its own car-park for 40 cars, all hall are air-conditioned. All halls are reachable for disable persons.


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