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About Prague

Enjoy Prague`s famous sights and interesting places. But do not forget that there are always things beyond…


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Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral and Golden Lane

Roughly the size of seven football fields, Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world. Built and renovated during 13 centuries, the complex includes churches, gardens, alleyways and royal residences that would take days to appreciate.
The most famous dominant feature of Prague Castle is the St. Vitus Cathedral. Also no visit to Prague Castle would be complete without a tour of the Golden Lane.

Petrin hill and funicular

Petrín hill is located in the center of Prague, raising some 130m above the left bank of the Vltava River.
The hill is almost entirely covered with parks and many interesting sights making it a favourite recreational area for both locals and tourists. The summit of the hill is linked to Prague’s Malá Strana district by the Petrín funicular, on Újezd street, a funicular railway that first operated in 1891, and rebuilt in 1985.

Obecni dum (Municipal House)

The Municipal House is a dominant feature of extensive Náměstí republiky, through which one of the most important trade routes used to run, leading to the silver mines in Kutná Hora. Due to its strategic importance, the Czech rulers originally had their seat here and the coronation procession also traditionally started here.

Charles Bridge

Prague’s oldest bridge, and one of its most iconic structures, is Charles Bridge, which connects Old Town with Malá Strana. Dating to 1357, it was originally called the Stone Bridge, or Prague Bridge, before being named Charles Bridge in 1870, after its founder King Charles IV.

Jewish Town

Few European cities can boast a better preserved Jewish Ghetto than Prague. Six synagogues, a Jewish Town Hall, magical cemetery and the unique genius loci make Josefov in Prague a place which you should certainly not leave out when you are wandering around the “Golden City”. Get to know the unsettled history of the Prague Jews, their architecture, traditions, customs and stories, which rank among some of the most tragic of the 20th century.

Krizik Fountain

The Krizik’s Light Fountain is a wonderful piece of invention which you can visit and admire at Prague’s Vystaviste or Exhibition Grounds in the Holesovice part of the city. It is now more than 100 years old and was the brainchild of the great Czech technological genius Frantisek Krizik. Today there is a beautiful little amphitheatre close to the fountain from which spectators can watch the magical show.


Loreto Prague is a complex of buildings that have become a Marian pilgrimage site. The central point is the Italian-style Santa Casa, or Holy House, which depicts in stucco and bricks the humble life of the Holy Family. The spire houses a carillon dating to the 17th century that consists of 27 Loreta bells; every hour between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., the carillon plays the song “We Greet You a Thousand Times”.

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