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Black light theatres

Magical performance in the most famous Prague black light theatre.


Image is a famous black light theatre located very close to the Old Town Square. It is a synthesis of dramatic art, dance, contemporary music and pantomime.  The performance is understandable to all visitors from all countries as no words are used. This theatre will give you cultivated entertainment, enjoyment of good music and beautiful dance as well as a good dose of laughter. The distinctive feature of black theatre is the use of black curtains, a darkened stage and special lighting paired with fluorescent costumes, in order to create various visual illusions. That’s why the actors are often invisible and the visible ones seem to overcome laws of physics.

Enjoy poetry, humour and irony in the black theatre Metro.


This form of black theatre is welcomed and demanded everywhere because it uses communication without any language barriers. It is a unique combination of comics, dance and pantomime. The distinctive feature of black theatre is the use of black curtains, a darkened stage and black lighting (UV light) combined with fluorescent items, in order to create various visual illusions. It is the only black theatre in Prague that reveals its secret. Every performance is followed by an interactive workshop. With its poetry, humour and irony the performance is suitable for both children and adults. The Black Theatre Metro is located in Narodni Trida in the city centre.

Magic brought back to the first black-light theatre in the world.


Srnec Theatre is the first black-light theatre in the world. Since its beginning in 1961 it has had over 5 million spectators. A principle, set by Jiri Srnec, the founder and art director of the theatre, is based on creative use of a simple trick called “black cabinet”. It means that the black-dressed actors holding the requisites are not seen by the viewers against black background. By this way the requisites, things and objects seem to move themselves. However, this trick is not the main purpose of the plays performed by Jiri Srnec and his actors, but a way which could evoke scenic and mimic metaphoric, realized by movements of graphic artefacts and actors accompanied by music.

Books you have read become alive on the stage.


Ta Fantastika was established by Czech emigrant Petr Kratochvil in New York in 1981 and moved to Prague in 1989. It is located in the Unitaria Palace in Karlova Street. The theatre produces musicals for Czech spectators, and the black-light theatre is based on classic literature such as Alice in Wonderland and The Little Prince. The impressive film clips together with black light theatre tricks provide a unique and unforgettable cultural experience for everyone. The black light theatre is a unique form of theatre originating from the Far East and Prague has become famous for its interpretations. The non-verbal performance presents no language barrier.

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