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MICE / Incentive Activities

Please, feel free to download our incentive brochures here:

Incentive activities in Prague

Incentive Games for Big Boys who are not Scared

Incentive Activities
Trabant RallyTrabant - an old-fashion car from East Germany
Skoda RallyFunny race on country roads in old Skoda cars
Spy Hunt - James BondSpy game in Prague`s streets - beware of assassins
Prague Movie MakersBecome director, screenwriter, actress, cameraman...
Scavenger HuntAn interactive tour in Prague city centre
iPad Scavenger HuntAnswer questions, make video, find bonus... with iPad2
Photo RallyFunny photos of the motives and moments
Crime Scene InvestigationCrime scene: do not cross!
Ice Hockey TournamentReal ice hockey tournament for sporty groups
Go CartingGo for race!
ShootingShoot with Magnum, Taurus, Glock, Norinco etc.
Shooting Range OutdoorShoot with rifle, shotgun, revolvers, AK 47 etc.
Military GamesDifferent games, driving with jeeps and tanks etc.
PaintballPaintball in the woods
Beer HuntInteractive tour through famous Prague’s pubs
Rocket EngineersDesign and build a rocket able to take off
Go Karts ConstructionBuild functional non-engine car for subsequent race
Lip Dub – Music Clips ShootingShoot an original music clip deserving final projection
Historical TramEnjoy Prague with glass of Sekt from historical tram
Old TimersOld does not necessarily mean outdated



Funny race in the Prague city street with old-fashion Communists cars originally from East Germany, with famous “Trabant”. Start of the rally usually from the hotel, after the short briefing we divide guests into small teams of three members.
Every team gets map of Prague, road books, digital camera, Trabant car history booklet and own Trabant car with driver. The aim of the rally is find three checkpoints in Prague, clients help with navigation – on the checkpoints we do funny games such as sing a song, make an action photo with Trabant etc.
On the last checkpoint is time for driving lesson with Trabants, members might try to drive car on their own. Afterwards we offer more games, just like load the carriage, blind slalom, push the car without engine and many others. There can be only one best Trabant team!
The best team gets prizes – little models of Trabant cars.



Let us drive Skoda cars on our own! We offer funny race in the country side around Prague with old-fashion Skoda cars from 80ties. Start of the rally is usually on the edge of Prague, here we welcome and brief the group. Afterwards we create teams by four participants. Every team gets road book, local map, GPS device, game instruction, Skoda car history booklet, digital camera and mobile phone with emergency numbers.
The aim of the rally is find several checkpoints on the route (40-50km), on the route teams should make photos, compete in funny games such as blind slalom or push the car, contact inhabitants asking them for bonus questions and may others. The rally is not measured, points are more important!
Team with highest score wins and gets prizes – little Skoda models.


Spy Hunt_james Bond

Let’s enjoy extraordinary scavenger spy game in Prague city streets. The spy hunt starts in the morning or after the lunch. Commander of Prague department of MI6 / CIA appears with the introduction speech together with local agents. Than we divide whole group into small spy units. Every team gets spy box with digital camera, UV lights, IPad2, binocular and own local English speaking agent.
During the mission team meet with assassins wearing the red ties to make their mission impossible!! Team should locate hidden envelopes, blind maps, have to translate secret words, find out computer expert or even deactivate the bomb.
The route of the spy hunt is trough the city centre of Prague – Lesser Town, around Charles Bridge and old Town Square.


Movie maker

In the beginning of moviemaker’s event we do short briefing, our speaker introduces movie game and technical rules. Than we divide all participants into small movie crew.
Participants pick up their professions – director, screenwriter, actor and actress, cameraman, lighting technical, clapboard girl, musician etc. The aim is to shoot at least 120 second of commercial spot on company products. Each team might use wide costumes wardrobe, wigs collection and HD movie devices with iPads, MP3 music library.
Now is time for real filming in the city streets and for great fun. Every team gets map of Prague with famous locations (spots where Hollywood movies were filmed). During the event our cameraman does movie about the movie and later on is time for Academy Award Ceremony. There is projection of all movies on large screen.
Academy gives out the prizes for the best man actor, the best woman actor, the best film etc. After the event we edit all clips and deliver for every member as DVD gifts.



We offer an interactive tour of Prague city centre. After short briefing we divide guests into the small teams. Each team receives map of Prague, game quiz (questions of Prague and Czech history) and digital camera. On the route they meet various figures from the past. Those figures introduce and tell them their story, in the end of each speech ask for more questions.
We offer W.A.Mozart, A. Dvorak, Rabbi Löw, Charles IV, soldier Svejk, Franz Kafka and many others. Beside the game quiz, team compete in several games such as chopping the apples with executioner, painting picture with Alfons Mucha, mixing elixirs with alchemist or even sing a song with famous Czech singer Emma Destin.


ipad scavenger hunt

After a short briefing we divide the group into the teams of 6 -10 participants. Each team gets an iPad2 with game instructions. Every team follows the instructions on the iPad and answers questions about Prague and the Czech Republic, besides that the teams use iPad for different purposes: as a camera to make video of Czech language lessons and sing a song competition, as a map and navigation to bonus checkpoint, as a digital compass, and to make photos during the game.


Photo Rallye

After the short briefing, we divide the group into the small teams of 5-8 participants.
Each team gets a digital camera (or Polaroid camera) and game sheet with instructions. The game sheet contains a list of tasks that should be completed: make funny photos of the motives and moments from Prague (make photo of oldest car, most beautiful girl, photo with policeman etc.).
In the end we burn all photos on CD, or even we might project them on large screen.



The group is divided into the several teams “Crime Scene Investigation” teams. We start with the briefing with local police department, whose ask for team´s expertise to find a thief. The aim is to find out who stole the valuable documents.
Each forensic team will be outfitted with official CSI vests and „armed” with a forensic crime-solving kit containing specialized tools: white overall, image editing software, eye-wear, UV lights, magnifying glass, digital camera, GPS, and finger printing kit. Now is time to collect evidence, questioning witnesses and suspects.
The game can also be applied to the Prague city street environment and make it outdoor.



For sporty groups we offer a real ice hockey tournament. After arrival to the ice stadium we do short briefing, then we divide guests into small teams of 10-15 participants. Every team starts with warm up in the cloakroom! Everyone gets full ice hockey equipment, starts with underwear and finishes with jerseys (we might print with company logo), then we do skate practice on the ice ring and then finally comes the ice hockey tournament.
Great fun and adrenalin even for non-skaters. Refreshment on the ice stadium during the game. Gold medals for the winning team!



After non-alcoholic welcome drink we do short briefing and safety instructions, every pilot gets an overall, gloves and a helmet. There are two options how to organize races. First  is a race for the fastest pilot (computers count the fastest lap). Second is a team race. Every go-kart is shared by 2-3 pilots, the fastest team wins.
There are always maximum 12 go-karts at one time on the track. We can install digital cameras on the track and project the race on screens in the club restaurant, where rest of pilots have refreshment. After the race we do winning ceremony with prizes!



We welcome guests and start with safety rules, manipulation and maintenance of the weapons. Shooters use safety equipment such as ear protectors and eye glasses. 10 persons can shoot at the same time from the length of 14 or 18 meters.
The instructors always watch the shooters. Meanwhile other participants can have a non-alcohol break in a refreshment area. Available guns are type 44 Magnum, marks TAURUS, GLOCK, ČZ, REMINGTON and NORINCO.



Guests will be greeted by our instructors, explanation of safety rules. During the event, instructors teach participants to handle a gun, explain the basic operation and maintenance. Shooters use protective equipment, especially ear protectors and shooting glasses. Outdoor shooting range offers:
shotgun targets on asphalt
revolvers of all calibers
58 machine gun
AK 47



Transport from Prague to the edge of the forest, buses stop right here. Special combat unit assaults the bus with special pyrotechnical effect. Military trucks and jeeps transport clients to the military camp. Here is time to dress up! Participants wear the green military uniforms, including the shoes and huts. Let’s fill a bottle and get personal mess tins. After a short briefing we divide group into smaller units. During the afternoon we offer games such as: paintball, air soft guns shooting, RPG shooting, mine detector, chemical alert mission, high rope tasks, driving with military jeeps. Highlight of the event is usually driving with tanks or flight with helicopter MI-8. Beside the games we offer field kitchen in the tents!
For outdoor lovers we offer accommodation in nature, teams have to build up their own tents, an assault during the night – air soft gun battle. In the morning, after breakfast transport back to Prague.



A short preview, game and safety rules are explained at the beginning of this event. Splitting to teams follows. Each member of the team gets a camouflaged suit, safety mask, gloves, flask and a weapon. Compressed air or carbon dioxide give power to gelatine bullets filled with various colours. The shooting range is 35 – 40 metres. If the bullet hits an enemy, it marks him with the colour. The marked players are temporarily out of the game. Length of each game is app 10 – 20 minutes depending on the number of fighters. Location of this game is a wide nature arena with lots of hidden spots, foxholes etc.
Paintball game is possible to arrange at almost every location, game field is bordered by the safety web and we use air filled fences and barriers. The game can be enriched with the S.W.A.T assault, smoke grenades, army vehicles etc.



For beer lovers we offer interactive tour in Prague with visit of famous Prague’s pubs. At the begging of the game we do short briefing and we divide guests into small teams. Each team receives a game page with instructions, map of Prague and a digital camera.
The aim of the game is to go through a pub route and taste local beers. As evidence teams should make funny photos at every pub. Winners get prizes at the end the game!



We offer funny construction team building program. After the short briefing, we divide participants into the small team, the aim is to design and build a rocket, ready to take off. Each team member gets a jumpsuits provided to ensure clothes are protected as well as wide range of materials – hardboard, plastic bottles, duck tapes, markers, etc.
Rockets are filled with compressed air. Our judges walk around and collect points (rocket name, teamwork, decoration and use of materials). All teams ready for lift up? Get the helmets on. Rockets with mini camera are launched one by one, and our judges measure achieved height.



We offer construction team building program. After the short briefing, we divide participants into the small team; every member receives gloves and overalls. The aim of this game is design and build full functional non-engine go cart car.
The car should steers and breaks. Each team might use the same materials. After the construction part follows the real auto race, two teams compete at the same time, the engine are two members of the team. We award the funniest and fastest cars!



A lip dub is a type of video that combines lip syncing and audio dubbing to make a music video. In the beginning of Lipdub shooting team building activity we do short briefing; our MC introduces main idea and technical rules. Each person might use wide costumes wardrobe and wigs collection as well as service of make-up & hairs style studio, beside participants might use paper foams and create some original signs or props.
The aim is to shoot an original music clip; teams work on their part of the song – learn lyrics and create original choreography. Everyone will take a part of the music clip, having his 5-10 seconds of fame. Finally there is time for several rehearsals and for the final shooting. In the evening will be performed final projection of the music clip on the large screen – and best lip dubber awards.




You may as well want to enjoy a ride in the historical tram and admire the beauty of Prague while enjoying glass of sekt in a „public transport“. You can order the historical tram for example for the transfer between your hotel and the dinner venue. You can order small refreshment, welcome drink or other drinks during the ride. The route we usually choose for the ride is though the historical center, so the clients will also get to see the city in their otherwise very busy program.
We can arrange a guide in different languages.


If you want to surprise your clients or colleagues, take them for a ride though the city in the Old timers. It is really unforgettable experience.
The car will take you through the main important sights of the city to your destination. You can either book the car as a transfer to the restaurant or meeting, or you can just order a special sightseeing tour.

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