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Activities in Prague



Prague is mainly known for its architecture and its cultural life, but it is also possible to make lot of different activities in Prague and its surroundings. While living in Prague you can experience activities in the city or in the nature in its vicinity. We offer wide choice, so find your favorite.

Activities in Prague
Outdoor package: MTB & Rafting/Canoe Cruise8 hours
Indoor package: Climbing, Bouldering, Archery6 hours
Indoor Climbing2 hours
Funny Rafting in Prague2.5 hours
Archery in Prague2.5 hours
High Ropes in Prague3 hours
Treasure Hunt3 hours
Bike City Tour - Prague on Bike2.5 hours
Scooters (Kick-bikes)3 hours
In-line Skating & Rafting3 hours
Mountain Bikes4.5 hours
White Water Centre Troja3 hours
Krav Maga Course4 hours
Laser Gamevariable
Glow Golf - Black Light Mini Golf1 hour
Paintball Indoor2 hours
Bushcraft Course3 hours

Golf in Prague and surroundings
Golf Resort Black BridgePrague 8 - Černý Most
Prague City Golf ClubPrague 5 – Zbraslav
Albatross Golf ResortVysoký Újezd
Golf KonopištěKonopiště

Great combination of two popular activities

Duration: 8 hours


This MTB trip in destinations about 20 minutes out of Prague is combined with rafting or canoe cruise. MTB route has a few variety of terrain from asphalt roads through field and forest walking trails to off roads. There are also options of the trip distances. The trails are suitable even for less experienced bikers. The moderate ride in the valley of the Vltava River is followed by lunch break, relaxation and transport to the riverside. The action continues with safety briefing, instruction in paddling techniques and finally rafting or canoe cruise (opening run, white water rescue practice, rapid swimming practice, raft capsizing). Programs can be adjusted according to the individual requirements of the group.

Skills, courage and unmistakable eye

Duration: 6 hours


Archery is growing in popularity across all age groups, not only for its attractiveness but for the ability to accurately shoot an arrow at a distant target. Under expert supervision, in just two hours you will learn more than just the basics of this royal sport, but you will come to be a great archer as well. The programs are arranged for beginners, but there are also adaptable for the ones more experienced. After that follows climbing wall in Prague center. First comes safety briefing and individual equipment selection (rope, carbine, harness, belay devices), then climbing and belaying techniques instruction and finally climbing and abseiling, various difficulty ascents according to individual abilities.

Indoor climbing all year round

Duration: 2 hours


Are you dreaming about climbing the rock? But you don´t know how to make climbing knots, right? You don´t know how to use climbing equipment like harness, carabiner and rope? We will show you what is climbing about.
Indoor climbing is the best and the safest way to learn climbing.
In Prague we can visit a couple of climbing gyms. We can enjoy our time despite bad weather.

Rafting under the Charles Bridge

Duration: 2.5 hours


Would you like to try an nontraditional way of Prague sightseeing and admire the Charles Bridge from a different perspective of an inflatable boat? Rafting on the Vltava River is easy and you will not have much chance to get wet. During paddling the qualified and experienced guides will tell you interesting stories and myths of Prague history. The staff individually assists every client, both during and after rafting. Modern self-bailing paddle boats are used together with full safety and emergency gear. The rafting starts at Rasinovo nabrezi that is easily accessible from city centre. It ends at Cihelna Street in the Lesser Town and thus can be combined with classic sightseeing afterwards.

Outdoor activity for fun and sport loving groups

Duration: 2.5 hours


Archery is a classic target Olympic sport, which requires accuracy, concentration and coordination. After a short introduction by an experienced instructor, all team members undertake some shots. We use sport certificated equipment and experienced instructors guide the shooting. Archery is growing in popularity across all age groups, not only for its attractiveness but also for the ability to accurately shoot an arrow at a distant target. Under expert supervision, in just two hours you will learn more than the basics of this Royal sport and become a great archer. The programs are made for beginners, but they can be adapted also for the more experienced.

Come to an original environment for an uncommon and remarkable experience on the ropes

Duration: 3 hours


Are you strong in body and mind? The High Ropes activity in Prague will definitely test your balancing skills and concentration. The high ropes park is situated in Prague 9, around 30 minutes from the city centre. Using harness, helmet, cables, ropes and wooden beams strung 4 to 8 meters high among trees and poles, the teams and individuals explore risk-taking, trust and coaching. Each moment is rich with discoveries, whether you are climbing, simply encouraging others or on belay. Professionally trained guides will teach you how to overcome obstacles in the air that would be child’s play on the ground, but which seem insurmountable in the air. An adventure!

Funny and effective way for the students to discover Prague and to find out more about the Czech Republic

Duration: 3 hours


Treasure Hunt is funny and effective way for the students to discover Prague and to find out more about the Czech Republic. They will find all the information in an interactive way instead of listening to a lecture. The class or group will be divided into smaller teams and each team will get a map, pen, paper and the first assignment. After accomplishing the task, the team returns to get another task from the guide. The teams can use any possible ways for getting the answers except asking the guide, teacher or another team. The tasks are easy enough but still challenging. The teams can ask the locals on the street or sometimes just use their own knowledge. The winning team will be awarded!

An exciting, informative and educational experience from different point of view

Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours

prague activity

This relaxed tour covers the stunning Prague city centre on both sides of the Vltava River and includes the most popular sights. Our experienced  guide will show you the charming Old Town Square, the historic Jewish Quarter (Josefov),  riverside promenades, stunning Lesser Town, lush Kampa Park, the National Theatre, bustling Wenceslas Square and much more! There is a wide selection of bikes to choose from. If preferred, you can also discover Prague on bikes without guide. Let us suggest a route to help you get the most out of your ride.

A bit faster then walking… and much funnier

Duration: 3 hours

Are you tired of walking? Don’t you like small buses or sightseeing cars? Are you nervous from cycling in traffic? A scooter (kick-bike) is the best choice for you. With a scooter we can visit Prague in couple of hours. We will have enough time for history, culture and fun.

Use a skating trail to get to the point of your embarkment

Duration: 3 hours


The Boathouse hostel is situated right by Vltava River and by a cycle and in-line skating trail which runs along the Vltava River. The combination of in-line skating upstream Vltava River in direction to Zbraslav (the route is about 4 km long) and rafting back to the hostel is a good opportunity to spend a nice day full of amusement in this locality! The in-line trail is straight without any hills and is convenient also for beginners. There is a possibility to buy small refreshment on the way. After takeoff in-line skates, get ready for rafting back to the hostel (safety instructions, equipment selection). For in-line fans there is a possibility to skate both the way up and back to the hostel.

Race down a 1000-meter track with speed up to 62 km/h


Spend fantastic time with your friends full of fun and adrenalin, racing down a 1000-meter steel chute on custom-made bobsleighs and reach speed up to 62 km/h. Each bobsleigh includes breaks where you adjust the speed according to how daring you are. The track includes bumps and eight curves. There is a restaurant where you can buy refreshments and enjoy yourself on the outdoor terrace with a great view of the track and good panoramic view of Prague. You can compare the track times and compete for the fastest time. The track is located on the outskirts of Prague and can be reached with bus and Metro.

Sport activity in nature but still close to Prague

Duration: 4.5 hours

The Czech people love mountain biking. Therefore there are plenty of interesting and well-marked routes all around the country, including the surroundings of Prague. We offer mountain bike trips, which are taking place in destinations about 20 minutes out of Prague. All the trips have a few terrain varieties from asphalt roads, through fields and walking trails in the forest to off roads. There are also several options in distances of the trips – from 20 to 65 kilometers. All the trails are suitable even for less experienced bikers and combination of the difficulty levels is also possible. Programs can be adjusted according to the individual requirements of the group.

Famous wild water canal in Prague

Duration: 3 hours


White Water Centre is situated along the Vltava River in Troja, part of Prague, just 20min ride from Prague centre. It is very close to the Prague zoo. The canal is the property of the Charles University Faculty of Sport and Education and University Sport Club Prague, it is a training place of the Czech Olympic winners and World Champion winners in kayaks and white water rafting.
Water difficulties are classified by WW III-IV. But you will have safety jacket, helmet and experienced guide. Caution! You will get wet We recommend to book well in advance. The centre is very busy by international competitions.

Self-defense techniques developed for the military in Israel

Duration: 4 hours


„Krav Maga” is a very efficient and unique self-defense system developed for the military in Israel. In Hebrew it means a “Contact Combat”. It was initially developed as an unarmed combat system by Imi Lichtenfeld for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) due to its no-nonsense approach.
Krav Maga has since been adapted by Eyal Yanilov to meet the needs of civilians, law enforcement officers and security personnel. Krav Maga is widely recognized as the most comprehensive reality based self-defense system in the world today. Would you like to learn how to protect yourself?
This course can done in various places – according to our agreement. It can be a hotel, a park, a place in countryside, etc. Or you can hire a professional gym for this special exercise.

The largest laser game arena in Prague with 400 m2 of battlefield


A laser game, sometimes also called as a laser tag, is an adrenalin game. As it is full of action and suspense it equaled or even overtook paintball, which is based on a similar method. The laser game is also about a simulation of a battle. The difference is that you don´t get any bruises and that you don´t finish the game wearing the clothes stained with a paint. The whole game takes place in a dark maze equipped with the latest technologies. Everything to the accompaniment of the sound and light effects will drag you from the reality to the totally different world. Discover the hero inside you! The hero that breathes for revenge and a victory. It does not matter who you are. It does not matter how old you are. Everybody will experience the real fun in our arena!

Mini golf in a darkness with neon UV lights


Glow Golf, or black light adventure mini golf, is situated in the centre of Prague in an old print shop building, which itself has a rich history, and adds to its character. The interior spaces are completely immersed in darkness and illuminated by neon UV lights, which emphasize the unique atmosphere of cool street art style decorations. At the same time all the obstacles, corners and everything else is clearly marked so you stay safe. During the game you can see the famous sights and scenes from the history of the Czech nation. On average, the 18 hole game takes one hour. There is a wide range of refreshments.

Adrenaline sport with the need of team spirit and tactical thinking in the very centre of Prague

Duration: 2 hours


Paintball is a modern and fast growing adrenalin sport. It requires not just speed and accuracy but also tactical thinking and the ability to stay calm. You will experience the joy and satisfaction of victory, as well as the disappointment of defeat. One thing you can be sure of – you will never forget this experience! In paintball, a game full of adrenaline, tension and adventure, is not only important to be physically fit but also to be able to make quick and correct decisions. Paintball is a game which does not depend only on luck and the ability of the players, but also on team cooperation. We will organize for you an original and tailor-made innovative event, which everybody will long remember. And all this in the very centre of Prague.

How to survive in a nature

Duration: 3 hours

Bush craft means knowledge of living and enjoying the nature. You will get basic information about how to dress in the wild. You will try to make your own shelter and make fire with a fire striker. We will teach you first aid, navigation and bit of botany. After this you will know how to plan a hiking trip, what to do if you are lost and how to find your way back home. We will talk about priorities of survival, outdoor news and old fashion way of exploring. We will talk and you will try. This course can be taken at any place in the Czech Republic where there are at least a few trees.

Golf in Prague

In recent years the Czech Republic has experienced an extraordinary boom of golf courses in every corner of the country. And Prague is not exception. Let us show you few interesting places within Prague and its vicinity.
Please, feel free also to check Golf Packages in Prague and Golf Packages in Czech Republic.


Golf courses in Prague: Golf Resort Black Bridge, Prague City Golf Club

Golf courses around Prague: Albatross Golf Resort, Golf Konopiště

Národních hrdinů 891, Prague 9 – Dolní Počernice

cerny most_golf_activity

The resort is located in an eastern suburb of Prague between Černý Most and Dolní Počernice, close to Jižní Spojka bypass and the highway exits to Hradec Králové and Mladá Boleslav. It`s only 20 minutes away from Prague downtown! Facilities include a modern club house with changing rooms, restaurant and pro shop. Kid’s club, baby-sitting and hand car wash are available directly on the premises. Golf cart rentals are also available.

Green Fee Černý Most
9 holes / 18 holes
Monday22.00 € / 40.00 €
Tuesday – Friday32.00 € / 60.00 €
Saturday, Sunday, national holidays36.00 € / 72.00 €
Set of clubs20.00 €
Push cart4.00 €
e-cart 18 holes40.00 €
e-cart 9 holes28.00 €
JuCad16.00 €
From hotel in Prague to golf course and back – minibus up to 8 pax104.00 €

K Radotínu 15, Prague – Zbraslav

prague city golf_zbraslav_activity

Exclusive golf resort in Zbraslav, only a 15 minute drive from Prague. The only 18-hole course in a quiet south-western part of Prague. The Prague City Golf resort is the ideal place for golf enthusiasts of all levels. The design of the Zbraslav course was inspired by links courses in Scotland and Ireland, but the designers also included Alex Čejka, a German golf professional with Czech roots, and Jeremy Ford, an experienced British architect who has worked on the construction of many golf courses in Europe and the USA. The “specialties” of the course include “spill offs”, artificially created earth waves, “sandy wastes” with red sand, and the classic “pot bunkers” typical of links courses. The unique 18-hole putting green called “Himalayas”, inspired by the famous “Ladies Putting course of St. Andrews”, is a true jewel of the course. Himalayas course can enjoy both golf enthusiastic and also non-golfers. They have special opportunity to spend time together and train on practice hole No. 19.

Green Fee Zbraslav
9 holes / 18 holes
Monday34.00 € / 48.00 €
Tuesday – Friday34.00 € / 63.00 €
Saturday, Sunday, national holidays48.00 € / 82.00 €
Monday – Friday / start from hole No. 10 (7:30 – 9:20)22.00 € / -
Saturday, Sunday, national holiday / start from hole No. 10 (7:30 – 9:20)27.00 € / -
Green fee putting green Himalayas
Monday – Friday10.00 €
Saturday, Sunday, national holiday12.00 €
19th hole entrance
Price per hour10.00 €
Push cart10.00 €
e-cart 18 holes34.00 €
e-cart 9 holes25.00 €
Wardrobe (one day)5.00 €
From hotel in Prague to golf course and back – minibus up to 8 pax104.00 €

Sokolská 162, Vysoký Újezd


The golf course occupies an area of more than 80 hectares (197,684 acres) and is situated on a hillside bordering Cesky kras (Czech Karst) Nature Reserve only 35 km from Prague. With an altitude of 420 metres (1377.95 feet) above sea level it benefits from a micro-climate and enjoys one of the longest golf seasons in central Europe. There are seven lakes on the course covering more than 20,000 square metres, 65 sand traps and more than 1200 newly planted mature trees adorning the landscape.

Green Fee Albatros
9 holes / 18 holes
Monday – Thursday36.00 € / 70.00 €
Monday – Thursday / 2 hours before sunset - / 30.00 €
Friday – Sunday, national holidays44.00 € / 86.00 €
Friday – Sunday, national holidays / 2 hours before sunset - / 34.00 €
Evening fee Monday – Thursday - / 50.00 €
Evening fee Friday – Sunday, national holidays - / 60.00 €
Set of clubs36.00 €
Push cart8.00 €
Electric trolley16.00 €
Buggy (e-cart) / day36.00 €
Locker / day4.00 €
From hotel in Prague to golf course and back – minibus up to 8 pax140.00 €

Tvorsovice 27, Benešov


Golf Resort Konopiště is situated 40 km to the south from Prague and it is the largest golf resort in the Czech Republic. It offers play on two 18-hole master courses: Radecký, D’Este (par 72) and one 9-hole course Public (par 29). Of course, you will find there also very good training facilities, rental of golf carts and other equipment.

Green fee Konopiště Radecký, d´Este
Monday – Thursday68.00 €
Monday – Thursday / 3 hours before sunset32.00 €
Friday – Sunday, national holidays80.00 €
Friday – Sunday, national holidays / 3 hours before sunset40.00 €
Public - one day fee
Monday – Friday24.00 €
Saturday, Sunday, national holiday32.00 €
Fee for driving range included in valid fee for Radecký d´Este and Public.
golf club4.00 €
1/2 set of clubs20.00 €
full set of clubs40.00 €
Push cart8.00 €
golf cart with GPS unit 18 holes46.00 €
Wardrobe (one day)4.00 €
JuCad elektric troley20.00 €
From hotel in Prague to golf course and back – minibus up to 8 pax140.00 €

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